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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Alpha 9 Has Arrived

Alpha 9 Has been deployed!

We have released a new client version for the Alpha Test, version 9. That version is now live and when you run the Patcher you'll be pulling the Alpha 9 version automatically.

We are going to let Alpha 9 percolate for a few hours today and see if we're happy with stability and resolve any account or install questions that may arise and then we'll evaluate our readiness to begin the Stress Test.  At this time no Stress Test email notifications have been transmitted!

Patch Notes for Alpha 9

Major Features


We have expanded the Map to the full Early Enrollment size.

This map now includes the starting Settlements for every Guild who won a spot on the Land Rush Leaderboard!

Selecting Training Character

On the character select screen you can now select which character will receive XP, and the other characters will not receive XP. Click the "EXP" button to turn on XP for a character.

See Known Problems below for an important notice about this feature!

Known Problems

XP Select For New Characters

When you make a character for the first time (or if you delete all of your characters and then make a new 1st character) you load directly into the game.  However you have not selected that character to gain XP, and it will not gain XP until it is selected.

You need to log out, log back in, select XP Training for that character, then resume play.

XP Accumulation for all Characters

We applied a change to the XP earned by characters that previously existed in Alpha 8. This change caused some issues with the system, some of which were unintended. The new mechanics for XP are as follows:

  1. If a character had unspent XP, that unspent XP will be lost. Spent XP is not affected, nor are any Feats that you acquired.
  2. If you logged a character into the game this afternoon prior to 5:30pm (Pacific), your character's XP will have been incorrectly altered. Those alterations will not be changed and we apologize for the unplanned alterations.
  3. You have to select which character on an account receives XP over time. The first character you select will receive XP backdated to Monday, September 29th. The other characters on the account will not receive this XP bonus.


The Guardheim Settlement is broken. Currently it is populated by both encounters and by Thornguard. If you enter it and are attacked by the monsters the Thornguard will likely respond as well and attack you. Remember that if you attack a Thornguard you lose reputation and the Thornguard NEVER FORGET OR FORGIVE. So don't go there until we tell you it's fixed.

Graphic Glitch

Some players may see a bug that causes character models (players and NPCs/monsters) to render in a dark blue color instead of the correct textures. We have had some success by changing the graphic setting to Simple or better, exiting the client completely, and restarting.


  • Fixed many small errors on the feat advancement sheets, including lowering ability score requirements across the board. 
  • Added Adventure and Crafting category points as an means to meet the achievement category requirements for purchasing Hit Points up to level 10.


  • Found and removed the errant wolf in the starter settlements.
  • Added settlement map to Wilderhaven and Phoenix Pass.
  • Added guards to player taverns.
  • Set Thornguards in Thornkeep to have one minute respawn timers.
  • Set Thornguards to have the race guard so they do not count for achievements.


  • Added Moloch Cultists and Goblin Ghouls escalations.


  • Fixed XP cost of level 3 rogue feature feats.
  • Added multi-ability score requirements for armor feats with each class having a few choices for their second ability score


  • Resources ratings adjusted.


  • Temporarily removed recipe drops for gear that is not yet implemented (slings and bullets) or is for roles that are not yet implemented (many implements and a few armor types).


  • Changed components for all ammo containers recipes to balance their value.
  • Replaced Viridian Crystal on T1 druid implement. Moved Viridian Crystal up to require a T2 refining rank. Pushed other Sage refining up a level to fit Viridian Crystal. (It was a whole THING, y'all.)
  • Changed a few leatherworking recipe defaults to replace armor that is for not-yet-implemented roles with items that are implemented. (Hunting Leathers -> Comfortable Gloves, Warden's Heavy Hide -> Braided Leather Belt, Warden's Leathers -> Leather Helm)

User Interface

  • Added icons for passive feats. We have not expanded the space between the names of these Feats so the UI is a little cramped.