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Alpha Testing Week of July 30 2014

Alpha Testing Update!

We are now preparing to release Alpha version 5!

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This version has a number of important changes and updates that will affect the game.

Change Log & Updates:


  • The Pine Heavy Shield now displays properly.
  • Implemented fixes to some spell particle effects.
  • Placeholder armor and icons have been added for multiple low level armor suits, including Loose Warrior Shirt and Stylish Padded Armor.


  • Several incorrectly assigned sounds have been corrected (Compound feat no longer sounds like a bow, etc.).

Character Creation

  • Added a new character select screen.

Character Starting Gear

  • Replaced starter Rogue mace secondary weapon with shortbow. Rogues begin with short bows as their back-up weapons, and short bow attack skills are available on the Skirmish trainer.


  • Increased implement global cooldown to one round from half a round (this was the originally intended length; unclear why it was half a round)
  • Keyword effect on armor feats now works as designed.


  • Added a generic gathering animation.


  • Assigned all refining recipes to be Common or Uncommon for the entire progression (i.e., it is now possible to get +1 to +3 Common refining achievements).


  • Collision fixes to multiple buildings in towns.
  • Doors on theives guild now work as intended; closed doors cannot be walked through
  • Low gathering skill error warning is no longer blocked by the resource node.

Client / Server Interopability

  • Old versions of the client will no longer be able to connect to the server. If an outdated client (Alpha 1 - Alpha 4) attempts to connect to the server, it will say Login Failed. In the future (Alpha 5 or later), if logging in from an outdated client, you will be informed that you do not have the correct version and should download a new one.


  • Escalation strength now drops much more quickly when monsters are killed and events are completed.
  • Recalled the Razmaran Holy Books event for repairs. 


  • Lowered the amount of HP gained from upgrades (from 40 to 25).
  • Lowered the amount of Power gained from upgrades (from 25 to 12).
  • Added additional HP and Power per keyword on Armor feats (essentially, you will now have less HP and Power while naked, but similar amounts when in level-appropriate armor).
  • Tweaked other bonuses from Armor feats to balance HP and Power additions and to normalize progression.
  • Added the Parting Shot feat (Longbow - Skirmisher).
  • Added the Blinding Web feat (Wand - Occultist).
  • Added the Steal Speed feat (Wand - Occultist).
  • Moved armor feat innate defense bonuses to armor keyword effects to avoid channel conflicts with passive feats (e.g., now the innate Reflex from Unbreakable will stack with Lightning Reflexes).

Alpha Testing Hours

We are going to have the server on-line for Alpha testing between 3pm Thursday and 6am Friday (Pacific), and from 3pm Friday to 6am Monday (Pacific)

Adventure Time with Bonny

We're going to continue our successful weekly event with Bonny starting at 3pm on Friday (Pacific).  Gather at the open air market in Sotterhill and have fun adventuring as a large group!  As always we'll be broadcasting on our channel!

Quick-Start Guide

We've created a Quick-Start Guide for players of the Alpha.  This guide explains how to create characters, use common game systems and has a walk-through for people who want an immediate start to their adventures.

You can download the Quick Start Guide here!