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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment 2 Release Notes

Early Enrollment v2 was introduced this morning Thursday 22 January. You will need to run the Patcher to update to the current version of the game in order to play.

Major Feature Update

This release includes a major feature - player character husks. This feature introduces the element of looting from dead characters to the game. From this point forward you risk losing some or all of the contents of your inventory if your character dies. The extent of your losses will be related to how quickly you are able to return to the site of your Husk and if you are able to recover the inventory that remains on the Husk before others are able to take all of its contents or its timer expires.

When you receive Coin as loot from defeating monsters it is an inventory item and is subject to being destroyed or looted. When you reach a Bank, your Coin is automatically converted to Abadar Credit and becomes safe. Only if you manually remove it from the Bank (which turns it back into Coin) is it at risk.

Remember to visit the Bank regularly!

War of Towers Is Active

The War of Towers started last Wednesday 14 January. Remember that Hexes with Towers will have a PvP window that ranges from 24 hours to a reduced time depending on the number of Towers controlled by Companies allied with the same Settlement. When the PvP window is open there are no reputation penalties in that Hex. Consider this risk combined with the introduction of player character husks.

Release Notes

These are the release notes for Early Enrollment v2.  V2 was deployed on the Test Server on 15 January, and deployed to the Live Server on 22 January.


  • Added Engineering trainer to starter towns, removed extra Arcane Weapon Proficiency training from Occultist trainer.


  • Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances (upon death, for instance), a player would find him/herself without a map icon, map pins, or access to chat channels.


  • When attacking something in an invulnerable state (generally, a mob returning to its starting position), a message "Target invulnerable!" will appear about the target's head.
  • Major changes have been implemented regarding character death. Upon death, each item has a 25% chance of being destroyed. At the site of the character's unfortunate demise, a husk node occurs, containing the remaining unequipped items, which can be harvested by any character. The Husk remains in game for 30 minutes. A pin appears on the Husk visible to the Husk's character at any distance and visible to all players when in range of the minimap.  The husk's owner (the dead character) can retrieve all items with one click. All other characters can take one item at a time from inventory and each acquisition requires a few seconds to execute. Equipped items will continue to behave as if threaded and will take 1 point of durability damage when the character respawns.


  • Improvements to Company management. 'Accept/Reject' buttons for settlement affiliation now function correctly. Companies also now remain correctly linked to their settlements.
  • Applications to Companies no longer time out after an hour.


  • Updated resource ratings to better reflect needs of crafting. This should see a large increase in copper and tier 1 leather, but also general increase of all resources across the board. This has required moving some resources around, but generally the same major resources will be found in the same spots.
  • Moved Thornguards in starter towns and Thornkeep closer to the crafting structures to provide better security while crafting.
  • Replaced goblins around settlements with their non-loot versions.
  • Changed hex -18, 20 to be a Monster hex.
  • Changed hex -7, -5 to Woodlands terrain.
  • Several of the character-eating terrain holes have been fixed. More to come in upcoming builds.
  • Deleted encounter placements that were too close to respawn shrines.
  • Dead mobs and nodes will disappear from the minimap immediately when they are dead, rather than waiting until they despawn.


  • Switched all Wizard armor feats to use Eldritch as their primary (rank 10) Tier 3 keyword (Binder now has Empowered as its rank 14 unlock and Scholar now has Sage as its rank 14 unlock).
  • CROWDFORGED: We are experimenting with changing some Orisons to have longer-duration buffs with cooldowns. We have lengthened the cooldown on some healing effects and increased their effectiveness.
  • This build contains a partial implementation of the touch-range Beneficial Orisons that include a Charge to the target (buying the feat gets you both versions for now; we will probably settle on a final single version after some iterations of testing). In EE2, the Charge component does not work. We are investigating why this is the case, which may shed some light on issues with Charge in general. The intention of this design is to make it easier for Clerics to quickly apply healing (and other beneficial effects) to their teammates.
  • Fixed the ability scores affected by buying level three of Master of Opportunity feats.
  • Fixed several short bow Feats that incorrectly required Martial achievement category points and now correctly require Subterfuge points.
  • Fixed the Trainer data to ensure that they can train the Feats required to get the Roles to 8th rank in NPC Settlements.

GM Tools

  • The summon command has been fixed. If you find yourself trapped by a terrain feature (hole, barrier, etc.) please ask in the Help channel for a GM to assist. We will be able to move your character to a safer location. Ryan will sadly cease accumulating cheap Player Killer achievements on Zombie Kitten Mountain.


  • Fixes to several visual suit bugs have been included.


  • Took all loot off of tutorial goblins to prevent loot farming (they'll still give achievements but we believe that you'll find you will have more fun taking on wilderness encounters instead. We are also concerned about people using macros and bots to kill large numbers of tutorial goblins. Don't do that.).
  • Took armor off of the starter gear drop list (you'll only get weapons and implements now) since armors were the major offenders of sudden overencumbrance from a drop. For now, armor is only available from crafters, the NPC quests introduced with this update, or the armor in the Class packs.


  • The quest-giving NPCs near the trainers for Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard now provide you with a series of short errands to other related trainers and when you complete those errands the NPC will give you an item like a New Player Pack/Class Pack (but with less powerful items) that gives you basic armor and weapons for the associated Role. This ensures that every character can get correctly equipped from the start of their adventures without relying on random loot drops for necessary Gear.


  • Added chat emote command /hello.

User Interface

  • Icons on the minimap are more descriptive - Thornguards and trainers have their own icons and the only red icons in the Settlement are training dummies.

War of Towers

  • All Settlements (PC and NPC) start at the same training capability. As a Settlement's allied Companies capture Towers, the capability of that Settlement's trainers increases.