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Early Enrollment v11 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11. This update has been on the Test Server since the 20th of November. It was deployed to the Live Server on Monday, November 23.

What's In This Release

This release delivers the ability to customize each player settlement’s selection and layout of structures, allowing each settlement to specialize in the training, crafting, and economic capabilities its members are most interested in. There’s also a new escalation (Dark Elves, which drops a new kind of Azlanti Stone), better loot for ogres, more T3-dropping mobs, new locations for all the shrines (on the edges of monster hexes), and many other improvements and bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

Customized Settlements:

  • Each player settlement can construct up to 2 Large, 6 Medium, 10 Small, and 10 Support Structures, using Structure Kits (similar to the way Holdings and Outposts are constructed. Settlements will be given an initial distribution of Kits to replace their original Structures (contact if your settlement hasn’t yet made arrangements to receive them), and additional ones can be crafted by Engineers.
  • Structures can only be placed by Leaders of the settlement they’re being placed in.
  • All player settlements come with a Keep, Bank and Tavern pre-placed.
  • In addition to Trainers being affected by Settlement Level, the Facility Rating for all Crafting Structures will go up as Settlement Level increases.


  • Added Dark Elves, a new escalation which drops a new kind of Azlanti Stone. The escalation was launched in 12 random hexes, and will become part of the regular escalation rotation when only a small number of instances are left.
  • All escalations other than those that at one time dropped Azlanti Stones (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon, The Shadow of Nhur Athemon, Them Ogres Ain’t Right, Dark Elves) now lose a little bit of strength every hour.
  • All event timers have been removed, so none of the escalations will grow in strength anymore when their events time out.
  • Bonedancers, Razmiran Cultists, and Skeletal Uprising now get tougher as their strength drops.
  • Them Ogres Ain’t Right is now a regular part of the escalation rotation, though it no longer drops Azlanti Stones. Its event loot drops have been adjusted to be more appropriate, and it now takes less time to complete than it did previously. The sudden strength drops during some of the phases have also been slightly smoothed out. Its boss has also been renamed as Targ Ascended.
  • Made Bandit Raid, Bonedancers, Broken Men, Float Any River, Goblin Raid and Mercenary Raid less common.
  • Made Duergar Slavers, Elemental Rift, Mordant Spire and Ustalav Invaders more common.
  • The Razmiran Holy Book event now requires burning only 10 books instead of 40.
  • The number of prisoners that need to be rescued for the prisoner Duergar Slaver event was reduced from 75 to 30.
  • The wandering version of Ustalav Invaders once again includes Ustalav Legends, much tougher knights with a correspondingly better chance of dropping T3 loot (particularly recipes). Increased the likelihood of running into Ustalav Heroes as well.
  • The Moloch Cultists are now tinted a bit to make them stand out from other enemies wearing similar clothes.
  • Bloodbriar Goblins now runs correctly in both of its hexes near Thornkeep. Previously, it would only run in one hex at a time.


  • Shrines have been removed from the settlements and are almost all now on the edges of monster hexes. Until we have a better system for binding them to individual players and their companies/settlements, this will help prevent problems of respawning in the middle of enemy settlements or too near a contested holding/outpost.
  • Increased the number of encounter sites for the 15m and 5m encounters in all hexes. There should now be enough spots to support all escalation events in any hex (even when 2 smallholdings are placed in that hex).
  • All existing buildings (e.g. Outposts and Smallholdings) will move from their current location to the nearest new 15m encounter site. The new location may be basically at the same spot, or could be a short distance away.
  • Water in rivers was lowered slightly to better stay inside its boundaries, which should keep monsters from spawning in the rivers.
  • Floating bridges brought back down to ground.

Influence: The ramp for earning influence was reduced. New characters still earn influence at the same rate as before, but completely experienced characters earn influence roughly 3 times faster than before.


  • Blind-Fight training is now available from Seminary and Occultist Trainers.
  • Channel Smite training is once again available from Cleric Trainers.
  • None of the Cantrips require specific Feature Feats as prerequisites anymore (e.g. Acid Dart no longer requires Conjurer).


  • Ogres now drop loot appropriate to monsters 1 level above their actual level. Until we can take a closer look at their combat stats and figure out exactly why ogres seem to require so much more effort to kill than similarly leveled monsters, this will help balance out the rewards for putting in that effort.
  • Elite and Boss monsters now count toward quests (such as tutorial quests) that previously only counted the basic versions of those monsters (e.g. killing cultists of any level will count toward completing the Wizard tutorial kill quest).


  • Cleric 9 now properly requires Power 18 (it was previously listed in the description, but wasn’t actually being checked).
  • Added achievements for killing Dark Elves.


  • The various ingredients needed to craft Structure Kits 3.g. Worker’s Tools, Decorative Weapons, Codex Collections) can now be crafted.
  • Unused recipes can now be used as ingredients in Codices, which in turn are ingredients for Codex Collections, which are needed for crafting Structure Kits.
  • All new items can be bought and sold at the Auction House in appropriate categories.
  • T3 Armors all have placeholder models when worn.
  • Fixed typos in descriptions for camps and smallholdings.

Holdings and Outposts:

  • The Facility Ratings for Holdings at each upgrade now more closely match the Facility Ratings assigned to Settlement Levels that provide similar Training levels (and eventually to similar upgrade levels for Settlement Structures that provide similar Training levels). This increased the Facility Rating for Holdings at each upgrade.
  • Stonecutting Outposts are now visible at all stages and upgrades.


  • The various quest givers were moved to the Keep, Bank and Tavern.
  • The Pack Suppliers from the old tutorials were removed.
  • Freeholder and Expert Trainers were added to Rotter’s Hole.
  • Named NPCs such as Kel the Red were given specific color settings so that they won’t change hair color all the time.

Character Creation: New characters spawn near the shrine in the starter area, instead of at the exact center of the hex.

UI: Icons have been fixed for the newer Expendables released in the last update.

NPC Settlements: The Fighter College in the NPC settlements is now at the correct height.


  • Texture on side of Tavern no longer oddly rotated.
  • Texture on grain sacks no longer shimmers.

Settlement Names: The text for quests near High Road and Live Oak no longer refer to those settlements by their former names.

Tutorials: Multiple editorial fixes made to the tutorials.