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Early Enrollment v11.5 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.5. This build was deployed to the Live Servers on Friday, October 14, and has been running on the Test Servers since Tuesday, October 11.

What Is In This Release

This release includes a distance restriction on charges and evades that will hopefully prevent the blue-screening issues many have encountered when using certain feats. We’re still not sure exactly what’s causing the problem, but we know that in at least some cases characters wind up being told to charge/evade such extreme distances that they wind up instantly outside the known world, causing a crash. With this fix, charges/evades that go beyond reasonable limits will instead simply fail to charge or evade. That’s obviously not ideal, so we’ve also included some additional logging whenever such a failure occurs to help us track down the underlying problem so we can deal with it more appropriately.

There are also several other small fixes, including the removal of more player traps and some additional polish to the auction house.

Full Release Notes


  • Charges and evades will fail if they attempt to move the character so far that the game would crash.
  • The descriptions for the spells went through an editing pass. The biggest changes were to make sure that the Greater/Improved versions of various spells no longer referred to the stats for the original versions, and to make sure any previous stat changes to spells were reflected in their descriptions.
  • All spells get full support even if a character is not a member of a settlement. Previously, some spells (Lightning Ray, Shout, Superior Dispel Sorcery, and many Improved/Greater variants) didn’t properly get support under that circumstance.
  • Rank 6 of several Cleric attacks (Clothed in Iron, Cowards Flee, Into the Fray, Reveal the Coward, Sever Enchantments, Unshakeable Blade and Virulent Edge) now properly requires Strength Domain instead of Sun Domain as a Domain option.
  • Pommel attack grants Shrug Off to self instead of target.

Auction House:

  • Items that are unsellable (either because they’re damaged or simply aren’t allowed to be sold) are included in the Inventory and Local Vault lists, but they are grayed out and have tooltips explaining why they can’t be sold. Damaged items also include their durability on their listings.
  • The Inventory and Local Vault lists don’t reset their scroll bars when switching item selections from the list, particularly right after putting an item from that list up for sale.


  • Cleaned up several bridges to better align with the ground.
  • Removed a player trap in hex -20,1.
  • Removed a player-trapping tree in hex -3,4.
  • Moved the Holding site in hex -14,-3 off of the road.


  • Achievements in the Achievement Window are sorted by Pinned/Unpinned status, then by alphabetical order.
  • The error messages for trying to reclaim a mule that is technically on a different hex server tell players which hex they’re in and which hex the mule is in, along with an explanation for how to be fully inside the correct hex.
  • The default controls now include right-ctrl for run and right-shift for walk. New characters will start with those key bindings (unless there is an existing player_settings.ini file in the Keybinds folder, in which case they use that as their defaults so these keys would need to be added manually to the file if desired), and existing characters without bindings for those keys will have them automatically added the first time that character gets saved and reloaded. Characters with bindings for those keys will be left as-is. If you are using either of those keys for some other purpose, such as voice communication, you can set those bindings to be blank to avoid conflicts.


  • New coins from all sources (withdrawn from vaults, dropped as loot, …) all stack together properly in inventory and vaults. Existing coins in vaults or inventory that don’t stack properly will remain in separate stacks, but will slowly leave the system as they get used up or converted to Abadar credit.
  • The Inventory and Local Vault lists don’t reset their scroll bars when switching item selections from the list, particularly right after putting an item from that list up for sale.


  • The Escalation Tutorial was adjusted so that the text in the Objectives Window better matches what’s expected of the player at each stage.
  • The guards for the Ripping Diplomat are now properly labelled Ripping Goblins.