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Early Enrollment v14.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v14.1. EE 14.1 has been running on the Test Server since Wednesday, November 15, and was deployed to Live on Thursday, November 16.

What Is In This Release

EE 14.1 is a small update taking care of a few issues that were discovered after EE 14 was deployed to Live. It also includes a few fixes that were in the works toward the end of EE 14 but didn’t quite make it into the final build.

Full Release Notes


  • "Could not fully restock" is now a temporary overhead message instead of a permanent chat message.
  • Tutorials include information about dragging ammunition directly onto ammo containers.
  • Action Bar Ammunition tooltip includes information about the ammo container and about makeshift ammunition when appropriate.
  • Clicking on ammunition in Inventory when Ammunition Window is open and ammo container is either full or can't handle ammunition of that tier results in the proper error message.


  • Towers in the Nhur Athemon escalation no longer have line of sight problems.

Player Housing:

  • Fixed an issue where deeds would sometimes remain hidden on the character instead of being returned visibly to the owner after a building was torn down.
  • Housing Management Window doesn't close automatically when final possible week of upkeep is paid in advance.
  • Base Camp Deed cooldown reduced to 20 hours.


  • Hid the Spellcrafter Codex recipe using Tier 1 Spellcraft recipes for now because there won’t be Tier 1 recipes available until enchanting is implemented.
  • The process that cleaned up all the zero-durabilty ammunition containers (and any other items broken in the same way) now runs every day during Daily Maintenance.


  • Fixed another typo in Finding Your Path text.


  • Mules are now protected from attacks by owners as well as by the owner’s party members.


  • Text and other UI elements drawn over the heads of characters were adjusted to make them more legible at various distances.
  • Far away NPC names show up in map tooltips.