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Early Enrollment v14.2 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v14.2. EE 14.2 has been running on the Test Server since Wednesday, November 22, and was deployed to Live on Tuesday, November 28.

What Is In This Release

EE 14.2 fixes a bug we’ve been tracking for some time that would result in individual hexes being unable to properly apply specific combat effects until they would be cleaned up during Daily Maintenance. Reports ranged from Agile Feet resulting in Bleeding, to Energetic Field not applying all of its effects, to characters not being able to stay in Combat Mode. Many thanks to all of you for sending in detailed reports on these issues, which helped us finally figure out the underlying cause and get it fixed.

In addition, more tweaks have been made to help Line of Sight and ammunition work better.

Full Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where individual hexes would stop applying individual feats/effects properly until they were cleaned up by Daily Maintenance.

Line of Sight:

  • Line of Sight is considered unblocked when a character/entity is so close to another character/entity that they're partially sharing the same space.
  • Mobs generally try to stay a little further apart, which keeps them from bunching up so much when large groups try to surround a target. The ones further back will eventually be blocked by the front row and won't keep shoving forward to establish Line of Sight.


  • Fixed an issue where having an ammo-using weapon without an ammo container could break various parts of the UI (feats in the Personal Window, recently trained feats on Training Windows, ammo counter on the Action Bar).
  • Ammo containers now remember what was in each slot during the previous combat and auto-restock those slots in order before auto-stocking salvaged ammo.