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Early Enrollment v15.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v15.1. EE 15.1 has been running on the Test Server since Thursday, May 17, and and was deployed to Live on Monday, May 21.

What Is In This Release

This release adds Settlement and Company Messages so Settlement and Company Leaders can set messages seen by all members whenever they log in, or immediately if they’re already logged in. New Guild Codexes were also added, made from any combination of Rogue, Expert or Freeholder Expendables, allowing the Guild House Structure Kits to be made without depending on only Rogue Expendables. As always, multiple other improvements were made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience, particularly where features added in EE 15 needed some polish or bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

Settlement/Company Messages:

  • Settlement and Company Leaders can set messages that are shown to all members each time they log in during the message's duration. They’re also shown to all members logged in at the time the message is set. The messages are displayed in all the chat tabs and an alert is also displayed above the chat window.
  • The UI for setting these messages is available from the Company Window by clicking Edit and then selecting the appropriate UI from the pull-down menu. The message duration can be set from 1 to 72 hours.
  • The chat commands /SetSettlementMotd, /RefreshSettlementMotd, /SetCompanyMotd , and /RefreshCompanyMotd can also be used to manage these messages. Refreshing the message extends the message’s duration by its original duration, or makes the previous message active again for its original duration. Refreshing doesn’t post the message to users who are currently logged in, since its primary intent was for extending the duration of messages that those members should have already seen.


  • The recipe for Guild House Structure Kits now calls for Guild Codex Collections, which are refined from Guild Codexes, which are crafted from Rogue, Expert and Freeholder Expandables in any combination. For the next month, anyone who has excess Rogue, Expert or Freeholder Codexes or Codex Collections can arrange for a trade to the Guild equivalents by contacting
  • Shops at Crafting Studios are not limited by the settlement’s Auction House tier/upgrade restrictions.
  • Settlements that are shut down for insufficient DI will re-activate immediately if enough structures are downgraded or torn down.
  • Settlements won't automatically pay weekly upkeep if already shut down for insufficient DI. Upkeep can be paid manually at any time, but probably shouldn't be done until the DI situation is resolved.
  • Holdings scheduled for destruction that day will first try to pay their upkeep. If they succeed, they will be reactivated instead and avoid destruction.
  • Taxes are collected properly at new holdings that don’t yet have their vaults initialized.
  • Outposts no longer remain overrun for an extended time if they are captured on the final day of the 3-day PvP window.
  • Training taxes are rounded up. They may be a little too aggressive about rounding up in some cases where the tax rate should have resulted in an exact coin cost that didn’t need rounding, which we’re working on fixing.
  • Settlement and Company Leaders can use the chat command /GetHousingInfo to log out information on all their buildings and structures.
  • Town criers don’t appear if their settlement is shut down.
  • Outposts display a model when being torn down.
  • Multiple visual anomalies were fixed on various structures and upgrades.


  • The Bonedancer Standards for the Boot Camp event are easier to right-click and destroy.
  • Multiple props had their collision models lined up better with their visual models.
  • More typos fixed in Finding Your Path.


  • Fixed an edge case where ammo containers could be overloaded.
  • Guards at NPC settlements were moved inside the settlement hex so they’d avoid teaming up with outpost or holding guards from the neighboring hex.


  • Gaps removed from the Allies list on the Company Window.
  • Message in Upkeep Management Window when upkeep is paid but settlement remains shutdown for insufficient DI was clarified.
  • Auction House warnings for tier/upgrade restrictions on sales and bids were combined into one warning, and unneeded warnings about durability restrictions on items that don’t take durability damage were removed.
  • Removed the unnecessary chat command usage message that appeared in the chat window whenever the company statement was edited.
  • Removed “null” text from the end of outpost resource generation warnings when the outpost is upgraded above the holding.