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Early Enrollment v6 Release Notes

Early Enrollment v6 is scheduled to be deployed to the LIVE SERVER on Thursday 26 March.

Early Enrollment v6 has been on the TEST SERVER since Friday 20 March.

We wrote an expanded blog entry that further describes some of the features for this release.

We also wrote a special blog entry for the Influence system.

Note:  We encountered some issues with Settlement services (Trainers, Banks, Auction Houses, etc.) when we deployed v6.1 on Thursday 26 March. We corrected those problems on Friday 27 March. There are still two known issues outstanding:  You cannot remove Abadar credit from the Bank into Coin in Inventory, and you cannot craft from a Vault in Thornkeep unless the crafting facility is in the same Hex as the Bank.


  • Upgraded Bandit Mages to count as Elite Bandits.
  • Achievement category points are now visible by mousing over Experience Points on your character sheet and appear on the Achievements window.

Auction House

  • Auction house searches now only return the specific versions of an item that are available for sale rather than all versions of the item for sale or not.


  • Updated most dual wield weapon combinations with proper animations, with the exception of shields (still in progress).
  • Added sound effects to most attacks that did not have them. (It is a known issue that sound effects are not yet all precisely timed to match their animation.)
  • Gathering nodes will not be tab-targetable while in combat.


  • Characters can access Vaults to provide materials for crafting and refining jobs. Finished crafting and refining jobs are deposited directly to a Vault. Completed jobs go to your personal Vault unless you used items from a Vault you only have Crafting permissions for, in which case the item goes to that Vault.
  • Changed crafting achievement requirements so level 10 of crafting Feats require the Tier 2 Common +1 recipe achievement, and level 11 requires a Tier 2 Uncommon +0 Recipe achievement.
  • Fixed Common/Uncommon description on refining recipe consumables so they match the changes made in EE3 (this just changes them to match the posted player data).
  • Fixed a bug with the crafting times using the wrong equation for higher tier items.
  • Crafting jobs can only be cancelled in the Settlement where the job was placed into the queue, even though the job will appear in the queue in every Settlement.
  • If a job has not started it can be deleted from the queue. Once started it cannot be cancelled.
  • When you cancel a crafting or refining job the components are returned to the Vault they came from.


  • Fixed a bug where in some hexes players would not resurrect at valid shrines and instad would do so in the middle of the hex


  • Unified colors for starting suits across all races/genders
  • The Peasant Clothes and Merchant Clothes now have their own unique models


  • Increased overall difficulty of the Skull-Basher Home Hex, which increases the numbers of Shamans available to kill for the Ogre Shaman Kill quest.
  • Increased Fail Boss timers for Mordant Spire and Skull-Basher Ogres to 12 hours.
  • Decreased the likelihood of Mini-Escalations to spawn, increased the likelihood of higher-tier Escalations to spawn.
  • Increased the number of hexes that higher-tier Escalations can spread to.


  • Changed Cleric weapon Feats (introduced in Early Enrollment v4) to grant Dexterity or Strength, instead of that ability score and Wisdom.
  • Fixed bugged Evade on Windrider cantrip.
  • Changed Sapping Smite to apply Drained instead of Exhausted (and lowered damage to balance) so it would no longer be virtually identical to Beat.
  • Added Light Melee Attack Bonus or Ranged Attack Bonus feat requirements to sneak attack feats.
  • Added Gravity Crush (Staff) and Siren's Song (Wand) cantrips. These do negative knockback, which is functionally a pull towards the attacker. (Note that currently movement effects don't work on AI creatures, so these cantrips are primarily useful in PvP.)
  • Fixed Attack Bonus Feat training that was inconsistent in rank progression such that higher level trainers were offering lower level Feats.
  • Fixed the Dodging effect on Cut (Battleaxe) back to once again apply to Self, rather than inspiring your foes into better defense.
  • Added missing Razed and Slowed bonuses to the Recovery upgrade.
  • Fixed Divine Power (Holy Symbol spell) to be Beneficial.

Role Feats
Added multiple new feats for Fighters, Rogues, Wizards, and Clerics. These feats are unlocked as you level that role to various milestones (generally level 4, level 10, level 12, level 16, level 18, and level 20) to provide more feats that are new options as you level up rather than purely increasing numbers on existing options. The passive feats will not get icons until EE7, but their functionality was ready to add them for EE6 (and the question mark icon might make it easier to find them on the trainers for now). We've listed the options up to level 12 below and they are all available on the appropriate class trainer.


    Level 4
  • Channel Smite – Secondary attack for Cleric weapon types that does Holy damage. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for every Cleric weapon.
  • Sheltering Critical – Reactive feat that provides Physical Resistant to the user on a critical hit.
  • Level 10
  • Channel Force - Secondary attack for Cleric weapon types that does Knockback. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for each Cleric weapon.
  • Level 12
  • Auspicious Critical – Reactive feat that provides Refresh (Power recovery) to the user on a critical hit.


    Level 4
  • Penetrating Strike – Primary attack for most weapon types that is penetrating and does extra damage. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for every weapon.
  • Vital Strike – Secondary attack for most weapon types that is, on Opportunity, precise and applies a relevant stacking debuff for the weapon type. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for every weapon.
  • Level 10
  • Advanced Features – Fighters gain access to a broader set of specializations with more expendable keywords. (This is a tweak to the requirements for the existing advanced Fighter features, which were previously one of the only milestone-based feats.)
  • Level 12
  • Hold the Line – Utility that applies a quick point blank splash that immobilizes players with Opportunity (a good way to stop people trying to move past or archers trying to move away).


    Level 4
  • Distraction – Primary attack for Rogue weapon types that has a chance to apply Flat-Footed. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for every Rogue weapon.
  • Trick – Secondary attack for Rogue weapon types that primarily applies an unusual stacking debuff if the target is Flat-Footed. One advancement purchase unlocks the Feat for every Rogue weapon.
  • Level 10
  • Advanced Features – Rogues gain access to a broader set of specializations with more expendable keywords. (A few elements of these are waiting for the Criticals system, but each of them at least duplicates a basic feature and adds more keywords for Rogue Kit maneuvers. We also added two new basic features to round out Rogue options at lower levels.)
  • Level 12
  • Slippery Mind and Trap Sense – Defensive Feats that provide a reduction in the atrophy speed of Mind Blank and Freedom, and a bonus to passive resistances and defenses.

Each Mastery grants the a wand and staff primary cantrip for that energy type. This cantrip is a single-target attack with no additional effects that will consume no ammunition (once ammunition is working), providing Wizards an option to attack even when out of charges. It also grants a Reactive Feat that grants the resistance buff for that energy type to the caster on targeting a character with the relevant stacking debuff.

    Level 4
  • Fire Mastery – Fire attacks, Fire Resistant to self if target is Burning.
  • Cold Mastery – Cold attacks, Cold Resistant to self if target is Slowed.
  • Electricity Mastery – Electricity attacks, Electric Resistant to self if target is Exhausted.
  • Level 10
  • Acid Mastery – Acid attacks, Acid Resistant to self if target is Razed.
  • Level 12
  • Sonic Mastery – Sonic attacks, Sonic Resistant to self if target is Oblivious.


  • Companies can now earn Influence from the actions of their members whenever they advance towards achievements. Influence is displayed on the Holdings page of the Company Window.  Influence cannot currently be used.  We will retroactively add Influence for past earned achievements before Early Enrollment v7 goes live.


  • Fixed the new sanctified weapons so they'll show up in the market.
  • Changed encumbrance display for each item to go to two decimal places.


  • Changed most creature attacks to have cooldowns on secondaries and a chance to exhaust the creature. This should result in creatures having more variety in their attack usage rather than getting into a fixed cycle where they use the same attack over and over in lock step. Adjusted several creature attacks to take advantage of more reliably alternating attacks.


  • Removed extra Exhausting Critical from Dreadnaught Trainer.
  • Changed crafting trainers to have new clothing and colors, and added some race variety
  • Thornguards only attack people with Attacker flags or low Reputation who are not part of their Settlement.
  • Removed the duplicate of Kindleburn, but left vault. ***Please remove all items from this vault, as it will be removed in a future update!***
  • Added trainer level and Settlement level information to the trainer interface.


  • Fixed several typoes in the tutorial quests.


  • Changed the slot indicator text for Class Features to Role Features on the Paperdoll.


  • Companies and Settlements now have their own Vaults. Companies have a Company Vault and a Company Secure Vault for storage and a Company Holding Vault that will eventually be used for upkeep purposes after Holdings & Outposts are deployed. Settlements have a Settlement and Settlement Upkeep Vault. Company leaders can set permissions as to who can access Company Vaults on their Company management window, while the leader of the founding company of a Settlement can set permissions for Settlement Vaults on their Company management window. There are four permissions: Deposit, View, Crafting, and Withdrawal. Deposit means you can put things in the Vault, View means you can see what's in the Vault, Crafting means you can withdraw things from the Vault but only at a crafting facility and the things you make go back to the Vault (you can only draw from one Crafting permission Vault at a time), and Withdrawal means you can take things out of the Vault.
  • There is a new Party Vault in Smallholdings and Base Camps. This Vault belongs to the owner of the building, and can be accessed by anyone in his or her party

War of Towers

  • Improved the Company and Holdings UI so that the tower count listed is the current tower count and the number is color coded to indicate towers gained or lost since last server update (red for lost, blue for gained). If you mouse over the tower numbers you can get a prediction of the Settlement's towers and Settlement level at next downtime. Also changed the number of towers displayed for the founding Company so it is just the towers held by that Company as previously it was all the towers held by that settlement.