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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment v6.3 Deployed to LIVE SERVER

Players last week we deployed Early Enrollment v6, and we have another update to this version of the game that will go live on Friday 3 April after normal downtime. You will need to run the Patcher before you will be able to log into the game after 6.3 is deployed.

We are fixing two major issues and one unintended consequence of the new Vault system with v6.3. Each of these represents a substantial issue related to your enjoyment of the game. We take the quality of that experience very seriously and when we realized that we needed to release an out-of-schedule update we made sure that we could get it ready as quickly as possible.

In addition we're making some changes to our internal testing and QA process that we believe will help us avoid these kinds of issues in the future. We are going through a process of evaluating the systems we need to simulate on the Test Server so that we can make it a better reflection of the Live Server and we'll be implementing the results of that evaluation before we release Early Enrollment v7 which is scheduled to go onto the Test Server next Thursday, 9 April.

Here are the release notes for Early Enrollment v6.3:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs that were making it hard to search Companies, hard to link Companies to Settlements, and generally causing a lot of problems with Companies. 
  • Respawning across server boundaries no longer causes characters to respawn with no hit points and fixes the problem of respawning with an "Accept / Decline" option that doesn't work.


  • We have reorganized Thornkeep. During the night, teams of Goblin engineers and Ogre stevedores have shifted a huge amount of terrain and building materials. Now all the Crafting and Refining facilities are in one of Thornkeep's 3 Hexes, and that Hex has Thornkeep's Bank. All of the Vault contents from the other two Hexes have been automagically moved to the new Bank facilities. Abadar has waived the normal processing fees for these transactions with the Church's compliments. The map maker was not quite as expedient in drafting a new map, so it is currently not in the game client, but will be in the next release. In the interim, here is a copy of it for reference (click for larger version).
Thornkeep Map

New Company commands:

These commands extend the existing Company management tools for Settlement Leaders.

  • /BreakAllianceBanner Companyname- break an alliance with Company
  • /ApproveAllianceBanner Companyname - approve the application of a Company and make them a banner Company for your Settlement
  • /DeclineAllianceBanner Companyname - reject the application of a Company to become a banner Company.  

Settlement Management

Settlements can declare other Settlements as ally Settlements. Currently this has no function but capabilities will be added later that take advantage of this system. There were some underlying technical reasons in deploying this system for Early Enrollment v6.3 even though the feature doesn't have functionality yet.

  • /Allyapply Settlementname - apply to the named Settlement to become an ally.
  • /BreakAllianceSettlement Settlementname - break an alliance with another Settlement
  • /ApproveAllianceSettlement Settlementname - approve the application of a Settlement and make them your ally
  • /DeclineAllianceSettlement Settlementname - reject the application of a Settlement to become an ally