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Early Enrollment v9 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v9, which has been deployed to the LIVE SERVER as of Friday 12 June.

Early Enrollment v9 is primarily a Polish update that encapsulates a lot of fixes and improvements to existing systems.

The primary emphasis of Early Enrollment v9 is:

  • Improvements to Feat and Gear Tooltips. We are working on tech that lets us better show which Keywords are active and how various values change based on Keyword activation.
  • Improvements to the Map. The World Map now has the ability to display the location of party members and has a new feature, Hex, which can show the location of structures and trainers as well. You will need to visit any deployed premium structures (Smallholdings and Base Camps) before they'll appear on the Map.
  • Improvements to the Terrain. New graphical assets have been built that improve the visual appearance of the game world.
  • Improvements to the New Player Experience. The Tutorial area has been revamped with individual NPCs that provide kits of starter items for all 4 Roles, a specialized trainer NPC that supports all the Roles, and a harvesting requirement to do the Crafting tutorial.


  • Fixed the location achievement for Peddler's Crossing


  • Increased the rate at which characters get Influence at higher achievement levels.
  • Decreased the amount of Influence lost at the end of a feud to 10%.


  • Adjusted color for hexes that were showing excessive bloom from underlying terrain. Walking on farmland is no longer like walking on the sun.
  • Fighter trainer now named Fighter College instead of College.
  • Changed resources in a small number of hexes that had been incorrectly setup such that they had no Tier 1 Scavenging resources.
  • Tier 1 +0 items (starter gear) have been removed from loot tables and replaced by a small amount of Coin. Starter gear is now acquired by interacting with tutorial NPCs.
  • Updated and unified most building and prop textures to improve shininess and tint qualities.
  • Updated ground detail textures for grass, mud and paving stones with much more detailed and fully developed versions.
  • Updated lighting to reduce overbloom and brightness issues (reduced overall intensity).
  • Added dust mote particles.
  • Turned off point light shadow casting for now to improve overall performance for everyone until it can be turned on per quality level.
  • Fixed multiple building textures that had problems with their normal/bump maps.
  • Added wind for trees.


  • Updated multiple suits to fix shininess levels (mostly reduced shininess on leather suits.
  • Fixed broken boot textures on female human Quiet Iron Shirt and other suits that use that model.


  • Fixed the failure message for freeing Brambleclaw prisoners from the duergar.
  • The Ustalav Heroes have returned to the battlefield.
  • Altered Thornkeep mob spawns to provide an even mix of low-level bandits, goblins, skeletons and wolves.
  • Increased number of shamans spawning in every phase of Skull-Basher Ogres escalations.
  • Reduced Elemental Rift to 2 instances.
  • Lowered number of instances for Duergar Slavers and Mordant Spire.
  • Raised number of instances for Goblin Ghouls, Moloch Cultists, Razmiran Cultists and Skull-Basher Ogres.
  • Lowered the reinforcement/infection percentage to effectively zero.
  • Balanced starting strengths to roughly 4 hours effort for standard monster hex escalations and 6 hours effort for standard home hex escalations.
  • Cut the hours of effort required for Elemental Rift by roughly 1/3.


  • As part of our changes to heal scaling, we're trying out a new system where resistance doesn't improve as you upgrade your armor and armor feats, but instead you get significantly more hit points per matched keyword. Essentially, the minimum resistance for various armors went up by around 7, and each armor feat now provides 50 more HP per keyword than previously. In internal tests, this has resulted in pretty similar survivability for most range: cloth wearers should gain a decent boost in survivability while T2 heavy armor wearers that were fighting creatures that could barely damage them might see a minimal reduction (potentially made up for by more HP to deal with energy damage attacks). This is an exploratory change, and we welcome feedback on the forums.
  • Changed War Willing (Expert Feature) to grant a smaller, permanent bonus to Base Damage, rather than bonus damage on Critical Hit (due to combat system processing order, the damage bonus on critical wasn't being applied).
  • Fixed Basic Longsword Exploit to apply Distressed on Opportunity instead of on Flat-Footed.
  • Added a short cooldown to Daze (wand cantrip) and a small amount of damage.
  • Added missing cooldown on Deadly Proximity (staff cantrip) and improved its Unbalanced effect.
  • Fixed Bane (orison) to target Will defense.
  • Fixed Channel Negative Energy: Harm (utility) to correctly target Will instead of Reflex.
  • Fixed the trainer levels for Lookout and Trip so they match up with other utilities.
  • Improved Binder (Wizard armor) Energy Resistance to eliminate ranks where no new benefits were gained.
  • Improved Healer (Cleric armor) Regeneration to eliminate ranks where no new benefits were gained.
  • Improved Pioneer (Freeholder armor) and Outfitter (Expert armor) by adding a small Perception and Stealth bonus to eliminate ranks where no new benefits were gained.
  • Fixed Luck Domain (Cleric feature) to grant Freedom to self rather than to target.
  • Added the "Trainee" armor feat. This is a feat with only one rank that all players begin with, that starts slotted, and that allows new players to gain basic resistances before training another armor feat. It provides no keywords or passive effect.
  • Added basic attacks for Wand, Staff, and Focus that are available to anyone that equips the weapon. Like the physical weapon basic attacks, they never improve and are primarily for new players to try out the weapon before purchasing feats for it.
  • Fixed the ability score bonuses and requirements of the 8th rank version of Spellbreaker, Sanctified, and Spider.
  • Changed all rank 10 armor feats to have ability score requirements and appear on trainers as a level 15 skill.
  • Changed armor feats so they increase their passive effects only on ranks that don't gain a new keyword (to increase the value of these ranks); total bonuses are the same, they're just increased in bigger amounts on the odd levels. Fixed Wizard armor feats to not get the third keyword a rank early. Increased the Physical Resistance bonus of Fighter Unbreakable armor to create more progression in the non-keyword levels.
  • Added cooldowns to weapon attacks with the Charge and Evade effects (generally 12 seconds for 20m, 6 seconds for 10m). Adjusted attacks to include the value of the new cooldowns (i.e., more damage factor).


  • Improved fire visual effects and removed old animated fire.


  • Increased the potency across the board for consumables. This is the first part of a larger effort to make consumables more attractive to use (it's coming in first as it required zero tech).
  • Fixed consumables/wondrous items. Tier 2 and 3 of these now gain the proper keyword effect for their level (e.g., in general, Tier 2 consumables will now have +4 effect power and +20 base damage over what they had previously).
  • Partially fixed Utility keywords. Keywords will once again apply to your utility feats IF you are wearing a glove or boot item (whichever is needed by the particular feat). If you do not have a glove or boot item equipped, your keywords from other pieces of misc. gear will NOT apply to your utility feats (this is unintended, and will be fixed in a later patch).
  • Removed greatsword from Tutorial Fighter Pack (leaving longsword) to simplify tutorial training options.


  • The world map will now display party members and the location of base camps and smallholdings owned by you (you must enter the hex with the structure once before this feature will activate). The world map also has higher resolution and you can toggle icons denoting hex type using the Hex Details button.
  • Settlement names are now being drawn from a database instead of being part of the base image.
  • Settlement Map has been replaced with Current Hex, which now zooms into the hex you are in and displays party members, smallholdings, base camps, holdings, outposts, and trainers in that hex.
  • The Monster and Harvest Node filters on the minimap now work correctly.
  • Below the Zoom In button on the map is now a cross icon that, when clicked, centers the map on your character.
  • Below the Zoom Out button is a circle button that locks the map to the player as they move.
  • The zoom buttons on the minimap were removed and the size was set to correlate to visual distance.


  • Structures that are torn down now disappear after the next downtime, will no longer stick around for an extra day.
  • Fixed incorrect listings for Bulk Stone amounts for +4 and +5 Holding upkeep.
  • Changed the levels of trainers at Holdings so they are equal to 8 + the plus of the Holding.


  • Changed text in the tutorial to clarify map use and remove a reference to PFO.


  • Tooltips for Feats and Gear have been substantially improved to help players assess which Keywords are being matched and how various values have been affected by Keyword matching.
  • The slot for Azlanti Stones (the Veteran Reward) appears on the Paper Doll but the stones themselves have not yet been added to the game.