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Open Enrollment v2.4 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.4. The release build of OE 2.4 has been running on the Test Server since Tuesday, December 15 and was deployed to Live on Thursday, December 17.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on adding new Statue of Pharasma structures and the raw materials, salvage items and recipes for crafting them. It also adds five new sequences for use in this year’s holiday event. Other improvements were also made in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Statue of Pharasma:

  • The Statue of Pharasma is a new artifact-level Infrastructure building that will take a lot of work to craft and will eventually provide corresponding benefits, though for now it mostly provides more DI than any other Infrastructure. The benefits under consideration will require new code and will be added in future updates.
  • Crafting a Statue of Pharasma involves 4 stages of Pharasmin recipes. First raw materials and salvage items are crafted into non-upgradable refined items, like Shifting Elemental Aggregate and Spectral Bone Crystal. Next, some of those refined items are crafted into non-upgradable statue parts, like Limbs of Pharasma. Those are then combined with other refined items and crafted into enhanced statue parts, like Judgment of Pharasma, and this is the first stage where the results can receive upgrades. Finally, the enhanced statue parts are crafted into an upgradable Statue of Pharasma Structure Kit.
  • All 45 new Statue of Pharasma recipes are rare drops mixed in with the standard Tier 3 recipe drops and require level 20 to learn. This is true even for the +0 refining recipes, which are typically Default recipes for their required level. They currently drop at about twice the rate they really should based on their value, in order to make them more likely to drop during the holiday event, and we’re likely to set their drop rates lower as they become more commonly available. The recipes are spread across all crafting and refining feats, so crafting a complete Statue of Pharasma requires the involvement of every type of level 20 crafter.
  • The 30 new raw materials for Pharasmin crafting are available in small amounts from nodes in standard monster hexes, with each type of raw material clustered in a small part of the map. Only the Valuable form of each raw material can be used in the recipes, and other forms can’t be used or sold at Auction Houses. These raw materials cannot be harvested in gushers. At least some of each raw material is required to craft a complete Statue of Pharasma, so raw materials from all parts of the map must be obtained.
  • The 24 new salvage items (Remembrances) for Pharasmin crafting drop as rare loot from escalations whenever enchanting salvage items can drop. Each escalation drops specific types of Remembrances, and crafting a complete Statue of Pharasma requires some of every type of Remembrance, so nearly all escalations must be fought to obtain them.
  • All Pharasmin items are subject to looting and destruction.

Blessing of Pharasma:

  • A Blessing of Pharasma can be converted to a Boon that provides a long-lasting buff. At the end of the holiday event, players can give Blessings to a GM in exchange for Boons at a to-be-declared generous exchange rate. Sometime after the event, all Blessings will be converted to treasure boxes, so that right-clicking on them will give players a choice of a single Boon.
  • First-stage Pharasmin crafting recipes output specific Packs, which can be right-clicked on to provide the actual refined item and a Blessing of Pharasma.
  • Whenever there is a chance of an Aeon Stone dropping, there is also a 50% smaller chance of a Blessing of Pharasma dropping.
  • There are 4 Boons available, each activated like a Token and lasting for 1-2 hours.


  • There are 5 new sequences available for this year’s holiday event. Each sequence runs 5-6 escalations of increasing difficulty, and every standard escalation is included in one of the sequences. The 5 sequences are scattered evenly across the map, meaning every player can have every sequence run near them while the sequences are still running, giving them access to every type of Remembrance.
  • The Shadow/Wrath/Revenge of Nhur Athemon escalations have been altered to drop enchanting items, and thus Remembrances, only when adding to the counters for Events. They will no longer drop such items for killing random escalation entities, which don’t lower the strength of those specific escalations.
  • Seekers from the Citadel, Emerald Aristocrats, Over the Crown, and Gathering of Legends no longer lose strength naturally over time. We may do this to other escalations in the future, particularly if obtaining Remembrances from them results in them being cleared out regularly without the added incentives.

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Edit 1: Corrected the number of new recipes to 45, not 44.