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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

The Denouement

During the Age of Legends, as the Azlanti Empire grew to prominence, Pharasma foresaw the birth of Nhur Athemon, foresaw his rise to power as an undead lich, but could not see his true and final death. Calling on all her powers of prophecy, she scoured the nigh-endless reaches of time for his inevitable end. Instead, she saw her own. Nhur Athemon’s eternal quest to stave off his demise would ultimately lead to embracing death and becoming its unliving embodiment, while Pharasma’s unbending defense of the natural cycles of life and death would be her undoing. Or, perhaps she could bend just a little, even at the risk of breaking everything...

A little over six and a half years ago, Pathfinder Online launched into Early Enrollment and Pharasma’s Chosen began settling the Echo Wood. Since then, just as the Gray Lady’s intervention allowed the heroes of the Echo Wood to escape death over and over again, the amazing support from all our wonderful backers and players allowed our tiny team to stay online and keep improving the game year after year. It has been a privilege to see this world and this story brought to life through the dedicated players adventuring in it, but now the epic finale of Pathfinder Online draws near.

In October, Nhur Athemon’s own Chosen will arrive to finish the war between death and undeath, with both the story of Pharasma’s Chosen and the online world they adventure in scheduled to end at Daily Maintenance on November 28. After that, the servers won’t be coming back up, but aspects of the world you’ve all created with us will live on in Golarion, initially through a blog post on Paizo’s site that integrates our history with the larger world of Pathfinder. That writeup will be based on the final state of the world and its settlements, as well as past events. During the remaining months of operation, settlements can earn better stat blocks and more detailed writeups (e.g. longer descriptions, more names of notable player characters and companies, mentions of gathering/crafting/training specialties) by placing and upgrading settlement structures (particularly Pharasma statues) and by completing sequences that include the new Nhur Athemon’s Chosen escalation. For complete details, see The Denouement Rules.

We’ll do our best to get through these final months as smoothly as possible, and to provide new content that brings everything to a satisfying conclusion. However, it’s possible that we won’t be able to keep the servers running right up to November 28. The servers are getting quite old, and we won’t be able to switch over to the cloud before then. Fortunately, everything looks stable at the moment and we do think they’re in good enough shape to go the distance. If things do go wrong and we’re forced to shut down earlier than expected, we’ll use the most recent available data about the state of the world as the basis for the final writeups.

When the world does shut down, we’ll be offering refunds for any recently-purchased items that couldn’t be used in time. We’re also limiting purchases in the Store and ask that everyone buy only what they can easily use during the remaining time available. See The Denouement section of our FAQ for more details and send email to if you have any further questions or concerns about your purchases.

We hope you’ll all join us as this grand adventure draws to a close, and thank you all so much for the tremendous support that made Pathfinder Online possible.

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