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Tokens vs Potions

Well when ninjas hit me for 300/1000 each glancing blow it is nice to use a greater token and get to full than a lesser and get to half. On the other side I go through a lot of the apprentice bloodblocks and sometimes they don't heal more than the stacks of bleed I get.
But then again it is like riding on a razor trying to do T3 escalations with a low T2 character. smile

Ha! Quite understand that! But I'm even near that stuff when I try to figth and not just snipe a lone Duergar or Mordant. Grind T1 and low T2 everything else is kill one and run, kill one and run, ad nauseum …

T3 ….. Ffffff not my fish to fry….
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
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yep but I am glad that the gear my main character wears is plentiful on the AHs smile
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
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