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OE 2.2 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.2. The release build of OE 2.2 has been running on the Test Server since Friday, May 15 and was deployed to Live on Monday, May 18.

What Is In This Release

This release fixes several bugs that were introduced in recent updates, including issues with the Auction House default pricing and with the River Shepherd Captain not dropping Victory Markers. It also makes multiple other improvements to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Auction House:
  • Default prices are once again working when creating new offers.
  • Enchanted items are alphabetized by their display name rather than their base name in Auction House lists.

  • The Float any River boss (River Shepherd Captain) once again drops Victory Markers.

  • Tier 1 recipes Lesser Base Attack, Lesser Protection, Lesser Health, Lesser Frightened Recovery, Lesser Regeneration, Lesser Stealth, Quickening and Restraining are set to Spellcraft 6 instead of 7.
  • Tier 1 recipe Expert’s Formula Book is set to Artificer 6 instead of 7.

  • Adventure is a Category Point option for Base Attack, Fortitude, Recovery and Reflex Bonus advancement.
  • Human Racial Benefits provides Spellcraft +5.
  • Elven Racial Benefits provides Spellcraft +10.
  • Dwarven Racial Benefits provides Dungeoneering +10.

  • Multiple edits to the Guild House models to fix sunken, floating or intersecting objects.
  • Achievements that can’t be earned (Test Hill, Settlement Type) mention that fact in their descriptions.
  • Location, Slayer and higher-level Expert achievements have descriptions.
  • The help entry for the Sacrifice Azoth Window states the new price (550 instead of 1650).
In marking some of the achievements as unable to be earned, I forgot that we count just a couple of the Broken Men (Commanders and Fallen Paladins) as Elite Crusaders, which I believe makes that the one Crusader Slayer achievement that can be earned. Fortunately, it's only an issue with the description text, the achievement still functions normally. I'll get that fixed for the next update.

If anyone else spots any other achievements that I mislabeled, or perhaps failed to label, let me know.
I updated the Public Spreadsheet to reflect all the changes from OE 2.2.
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