These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.3. The release build of OE 2.3 has been running on the Test Server since Friday, October 23 and was deployed to Live on Tuesday, October 27.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on adding new structures to support Combat Alchemists and adding a rebalanced Seekers from the Citadel escalation to the standard rotation. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • New structures are available to provide training for Combat Alchemists: Research Center, Combat Alchemist School and Bombing Range. Recipes for these structures drop as loot and there are new default recipes for the required Combat Alchemist Codexes and Codex collections as well.
  • The Visiting Combat Alchemist Trainers at the Keeps in player settlements had their Trainer Levels dropped by one. These levels will continue to drop over future updates and soon those trainers will be removed altogether.

  • Seekers from the Citadel is now part of the standard escalation rotation, and was rebalanced to get through the earlier phases more quickly, to drop more level-appropriate loot in each phase, and for the final boss to provide a more interesting combat challenge.
  • Typo fixed in one of the phase descriptions for Nature’s Wrath.

  • Elite Crusader Slayer achievement description no longer incorrectly says it can’t be earned.