Now that we're in our final month before Pathfinder Online shuts down on November 28, we've turned off all purchases on the web and in the game. Any characters that are already Active will remain active right up to the end without using up any more game months. Inactive characters can still be activated with existing game months, or with game months obtained by converting existing Azoth in-game. If you need to activate any characters and don't have available game months or Azoth, contact us at and we'll work something out.

For those of you who have extra game months left on any of your accounts and no Inactive characters on those accounts you'd like to activate, we can help you use those months up by either transferring them to another account with characters you'd like to activate or by exchanging them for boxes of Azoth (1 purchased game month for 1 box of Azoth). No "wishing for wishes" on that last offer though, we won't exchange game months obtained using Azoth for more Azoth. To make any transfers or exchanges, contact us at